(Source: https://psa.gov.ph

Based on the standing crop as of August 1, 2019, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) estimates the 2019 third quarter (July-September) paddy output at 3.057 million tons, down about 4.3% y/y, according to a report by the PSA.

The estimate is about 0.2% below its July estimate of 3.064 million tons.

The PSA estimates the 2019 third quarter harvest area to decline to about 733,350 ha from around 824,800 ha in 2018. So far, 84,540 hectares have been harvested.

The agency estimates the 2019 third quarter yield at 4.17 tons per hectare, up from 3.88 tons per hectare in 2018.

Planting for the October-December quarter is underway and about 915,720 hectares have been planted.